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“Our vision is to provide enriching and full of impact learning experiences through play in which every child will carry forward into their growing years. Inspired by Maria Montessori teachings Italy"


Each child’s instinct to guide
them through learning


The necessary environment
to stimulate child sensatory


Through exploration, play
and having fun.
Just like an Elm Tree, with strong roots that serve as a foundation for its continued growth, Elm is a unique childhood development programthat combines British curriculum, Montessori learning and unique edutainment concepts created by the Elm founder Mariam Al Kassab.

Elm, is an evolution of the widely successful Kidz Venture group across the Middle east and Canada.
Our daughter was a shy girl and now after going to Kidz Venture, she is at the door calling us to hurry up each morning eager to get to nursery.


Our Offer

- Curriculum -

A unique framework that combines the best of both worlds, British curriculum and Montessori, an Italian 150-year-old globally proven child learning system which caters to each child’s need and help them thrive in their foundation years.

Every child is unique, through our holistic child centered approach, the children move about the classroom choosing activities that interest them in an enabling environment learning through play and exploration.

- Environment -

Safe, responsive, and nurturing environments, are an important part of supporting the learning and development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Learning environments in Elm Schools are a positive and welcoming space where children feel comfortable to participate, explore and grow to enablequality interactions with educators and children. Areas for exploration and investigation. Group spaces and areas for children to explore creativity.

- Resources -

Self Correcting Toys – Child Benefit
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Enhance motor development
  • Developing sensory-motor skills in children
  • Increase IQ and promote problem-solving skills.
  • Develop social and emotional intelligence
  • Better and improved concentration
  • Instill creativity and imagination
  • Promotes individual and group activities
Montessori sensorial methods introduce the basics of mathematics into the child’s learning, they learn to count, combine, share and compare.


Mariam Al Kassab

Is a Canadian national with an MBA from the University of Melbourne, a UK CACHE Level 5 Leadership Advanced Diploma Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and a Montessori teaching specialist.

As a mother and advocate of early childhood learning intervention, knowing that the first few years of a child’s life are a critical period in development, inspiring the Elm childhood development program.

Based on the inclusive Montessori philosophy of childhood development combined with the innovative Kidz Venture edutainment system, Elm has assisted in excess of 150,000+ children across the globe to date.

Opening Kidz Venture UAE in 2012, it quickly became a success, attracting parents searching for a Centre that will not only improve school readiness, but nurtures social, emotional and intellectual growth.


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